Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Want That Room! {3.07}

This week's room is designed by the famous Phoebe Howard. This one is pink and fabulous and girly, but it's not TOO sickeningly sweet. Some pink rooms are a bit froo-froo for me, but this one has just the right combination of femininity and class. I would have adored a room like this as a teenager or a young woman. I wouldn't mind it even now, although I'm sure my husband would protest. Very loudly.

In this room, I'm loving all the pale pink with touches of darker pink, especially those gorgeous peonies (my favorite flower.) I also like all the contemporary touches that keep this room from being too cutesy: the mirrored dresser, the glass drink cart, the lucite coffee table, the sleek silver lamps, and that gray modern painting.


  1. Ooh...when I was growing up, I dreamed of having a four poster bed! It's no longer as big a priority as it was when I a wee one, but I still think it's the ultimate in glam living!!!

  2. SO gorgeous! I just don't think the hubby would be particularly fond of having a pink bedroom.

  3. Fabulous! My daughter would be in pink heaven!!

  4. oh gosh, both that bed and couch look so heavenly!! what a beautiful and feminine room!
    xo TJ

  5. What a sweet bedroom! Totally swoonworthy!

  6. LOVE THIS ROOMS:) Pink is my favorite...makes me happy
    I really like your much nice inspiration everywhere. I wish you a great and sunny week:)

    LOVE Maria at


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