Monday, December 5, 2011

O Christmas Tree

This weekend was all about preparing for Christmas. Here's a quick rundown:

Friday: Lugged out all my Christmas decorations. Debated if I should go out to get more. Decided I had plenty and didn't need more. 10 minutes later, went out to buy more decorations. Put up my newly purchased decorations, plus all the old ones, while drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.

Saturday: Made my first batch of Christmas cookies of the year. Went out with the husband and the son to pick out a Christmas tree. Didn't really like the selection at the first place we went, so we went to another tree lot a few miles away. Liked the selection even less, so we went back to the first place. Paid way too much for a Christmas tree. Strung the tree with lights. Undid the lights and restrung them. And again. And again.

Sunday: Baked a pudding cake. (More on that tomorrow.) Worked on a scarf I'm knitting my grandma for Christmas. Spent way too much money shopping for gifts (thank goodness for online shopping!) Decided I needed new Christmas ornaments and bought some more. Put decorations on the tree while watching one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually.

So all in all, it was a pretty great weekend. Things  are starting to get pretty crazy around here, and I'm guessing it's not stopping until after the New Year. I guess I need to take a deep breath and just dive in.


  1. Your tree is gorgeous! It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I need to watch "Love Actually" immediately!

  2. Hi Michelle! Love the tree! I am starting to get a bit anxious as well that I won't get everything done on time! I keep adding bits to my list!! Have a lovely week:)

  3. Wow! Sounds like a festive weekend, indeed. I LOVE Love Actually, it makes me tear up every time. I def need to watch it soon. Your tree looks gorgeous, dear!



  4. Looking forward to the pudding cake recipe. Just the name sounds delicious.

  5. Haha. We have all hand-me down ornaments from our Moms, but I've kept my ornament impulse to a minimum and only buy a new one every year :) Not sure how much longer that will last though. Your tree looks fantastic and the lights look just right :)

  6. this weekend sounds so brilliant. especially because it has to do with christmas ;)
    i wish i had a christmas tree to decorate!
    xo TJ


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